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The Linar boutique wines are created from the love of wine, the lack of variety and the an allergy to sulphites. This is how the dream of a healthier, organic alternative for connoisseurs of fine wine, and moreover - safe for people with problems, came about.

Linar meansbelly

Our love of wine and our desire for a healthier alternative for people sensitive to sulfites has led us to choose grapes grown in local vineyards and produce sulfite-free wines.

we create wine that does not containSO2 added

We believe that we should give those who would react badly to sulphites the opportunity to return to the pleasure of enjoying a safe glass of wine. And for the rest of us, to experience a unique explosion of flavours building with every sip.

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Wondering what to prepare for dinner? Take inspiration from our catalogue of selected recipes suitable for eating with a glass of wine!

a story of fulfilleddream

The idea of a wine produced without further added sulphites came about after an allergy to the same.... was found.

Linar is the brand of choice for those who choose life. Boutique wines Linar

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